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Meet Your

Meet Your Team

At Author by Humana, our goal is to help you get the care you need, the way you want it. We’ve built a team of experts—who you have access to at no additional cost—to help you achieve your best health.

Care Coordinator

Have a question about your benefits, finding a doctor, a claim? Call a Care Coordinator, a real person who will get to know your health history and your plan benefits. Think of them as your health care ally, a personal advocate who can help you get answers and the care you need. Even if there’s a question a Care Coordinator can’t take the lead on, they’ll connect you with another member of the Care Team who can help.

Here are just a few examples of what a Care Coordinator can help with:

Lost your member ID card and need a new one? A Care Coordinator can send you a replacement.

Give a Care Coordinator a call if you want help scheduling a TeleHealth appointment.

For questions about a confusing benefit or claim, a Care Coordinator can sort out exactly who you should talk to and will personally connect you.



As part of the Care Team, an Author by Humana pharmacist is available to chat through any questions and concerns you may have about your medications, without the rush or long lines of in-person drugstore visits. They’re your personal resource for all the things you would ask at your local pharmacy, but with the added bonus of being easily available over the phone and having full visibility into what’s covered by your plan.

An Author by Humana pharmacist can help with managing chronic conditions, reviewing your medications to adjust for the simplest and safest treatment, and even finding cost-saving opportunities where available.

Talk to a pharmacist to learn everything you need to know about the new medicine your doctor prescribed you.

Medications changed? A pharmacist can do a personalized review of your medications over the phone to help keep you on top of your treatments.



Free with your plan, you have access to a nurse who’s familiar with your health history and what you need. Just like at your doctor’s office, a nurse can help you better understand your medical treatments, exercise program, and nutrition, and can answer your questions about getting the treatments that are best for you.

After your doctor’s appointment, you can chat with someone about any follow-up questions you have.

For questions about your health or treatment that don’t need a full doctor’s visit, reach out to a Care Team nurse.

Looking for an expert’s advice on how to eat healthier? Author by Humana nurses can give you all the details about what can work best for you, your body, and your lifestyle.


Community Health Worker

Another part of your team, a community health worker can connect you with community events and groups of people you might really get along with. They can also help you make sure you’ve got the basics covered, like food, transportation, and even resources to help with pharmacy-related costs.

Whether you’re looking for the relaxation of a solo activity or a group class, a community health worker can point you in the right direction.

Support with setting up a personalized plan to maintain your health.

Reach out to get connected with helpful resources for your day-to-day needs.

community worker

Behavioral Health Clinician

A full picture of health includes your physical, social, and mental wellbeing. Our behavioral health clinicians offer expert mental health support, whether you’re navigating a life transition, coping with a loss, or just looking for a way to process whatever you’re going through.

Telephone check-ins make getting support convenient and accessible.

Get a helpful perspective from a licensed, experienced expert who can provide short-term therapy, grief counseling, and more.

Our behavioral health clinicians can also connect you to even more mental health resources so that you can get the care that’s right for you.

single contact

A Deep Team. A Single

Point of Contact.

The Author Care Team is filled with these experts and more, who you can connect with on your own terms. One number to call, a real person to provide answers, and all the experience and support of Humana dedicated to your goals.

Reach out to a Care Coordinator today and start connecting with your whole team.